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Earlsboro Public Schools
101 N. Willie Stargell Ave.
Earlsboro, Oklahoma 74840
Phone: 405-997-5616
Fax: 405-997-3181
Student Council

Student Council

Sponsored by: Felisha RingTBA

2016 – 2017

What's our purpose: We are here to be the voice of the students. It is our job to make sure that our voices are being heard.

What's our goal: To promote good leadership and to be the change that we want to see happen in our school and our community.


Blakely Gee

Brody Bone

Kaleb Nadeau

Emory Norton

Myah Allen

Jessica Waddell

Abigail Daily

Brinkley Bone

Maija Hall 

Milena Stastney

Nadiyah Harmon

Alyssa Taylor

Memory Coates

Landon Scott

Wyatt Norton

Camber Kelsay

Kobi Smith